Doctorate of Philosophy

The Doctorate of Philosophy in Sustainable Forest Management is intended for persons seeking careers in teaching and/or research. The program emphasizes strong research specialization while maintaining an understanding and appreciation of broader management and resource use issues. The dissertation and associated research play a dual role by enabling the student to develop in-depth knowledge of specific technical areas, while at the same time gaining experience in conceptualizing, planning, conducting, and reporting a major research project. PhD students choose from one of the six SFM areas of concentration.


Areas of concentration

Forest Operations Planning and Management

Planning, organizing, and executing forest plans; enhancing supply chain efficiency and improving international competitiveness

Contacts: Woodam ChungFrancisca BelartKevin LyonsJohn SessionsBogdan Strimbu


Forest Policy Analysis and Economics

Analyzing tradeoffs in the forest and resource policy decision process; public land use policy; interpretations of regulations; markets for forest products; forest certification; theoretical and applied research related to ecosystem services

Contacts: Olli-Pekka Kuusela, Mindy CrandallTamara CushingJon Souder


Forest Biometrics and Geomatics

Modeling tree and stand development; forest data sampling and monitoring methods; forest measurements and assessments; mapping and data management technologies

Contacts: Temesgen HailemariamMichael WingJim KiserBogdan Strimbu


Silviculture, Fire and Forest Health

Manipulating site productivity and vegetation to achieve management objectives, from restoration to intensive timber production; fire ecology and fire management; forest ecosystem health

Contacts: John BaileyStephen FitzgeraldCarlos Gonzalez-BeneckeJim KiserJared LeBoldusMatt Powers, Jim RiversDavid Shaw


Forest Soil and Watershed Processes

Understanding watershed conditions and processes in forested ecosystems and the effects of management activities; evaluating and improving soil and water quality and related practices and policies for forest operations

Contacts: Kevin BladonJeff HattenCatalina SeguraJon Souder


Engineering for Sustainable Forestry

Designing forest operations to achieve sustainable forest management objectives; ecological restoration operations; road design and construction

Contacts: Kevin LyonsFrancisca BelartWoodam ChungBen LeshchinskyMichael OlsenCatalina SeguraJohn SessionsMichael Wing