Oregon Forest Science Complex

As you may know, Oregon State University and the College of Forestry officially launched a $65 million initiative in January 2015 to build the Oregon Forest Science Complex (OFSC). Once completed in Spring 2018, the state-of-the-art facility will include an academic building and separate lab facility to provide current and future students with a transformative educational experience across a full range of degree programs. 

The project will feature the construction of a new academic building, which will retain the Peavy Hall name, and a 20,000-square foot lab facility, the A.A. “Red” Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory. The complex will showcase sustainable forestry practices and new, innovative uses for wood that will inspire students to learn how we can increase the value of Oregon’s natural resources, grow jobs in our rural communities, and provide substantial benefits for our state and region.

Dean Thomas Maness, Nicole Kent (manager of undergraduate curricula and advising) and Michael Green (lead architect), recently sat down to discuss the project, why it is important to the State of Oregon, and the impact it will have on our programs, the future of forestry and our landscapes. To learn more about the project, please check out the video.

The Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management is temporarily housed in 210 Snell Hall but will retain the mailing address of 280 Peavy Hall.