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Our Mission

To develop, communicate, and teach the science and engineering necessary for sustainable management of forest, land, and water resources to achieve economic, environmental, and social objectives.


Our department comprises a unique group of specialists in forest management, engineering, biometrics, hydrology, forest health, and silviculture working to support decisions for sustainable forests. Our teaching and research emphasize all aspects of active forest management and restoration from regeneration through harvest for multiple land use objectives, including wood production and management for values other than wood.



On a Wing and a Dare

On a warm afternoon last summer in the hills west of Corvallis, three Oregon State University students went hiking in the McDonald-Dunn Forest when they became “lost.” A few scattered belongings — a backpack, shoes, a shirt — marked their trail in an emergency response exercise. Rather than send out a full-scale operation on foot in the steep terrain, a rescue team launched an unmanned aerial vehicle, the suitcase-sized Vapor made by Pulse Aerospace of Lakewood, Colorado.

Living with Fire

Time is relative when you’re a forest researcher. Students and faculty in the fire science program at Oregon State University are especially aware of this reality. Their research will transcend their own lifespans. Forests can also change quickly when fire is present, but the results of fire can be seen for years afterwards. That’s what fascinates Ph.D. candidate Chris Dunn.

Forestry Professional School Begins Fall 2013!

Our undergraduate Forestry and Forest Engineering degrees are now administered through a Professional School model.  Our pre-professional school represents the first two years of curricula for Forestry students.  After successfully completing the pre-professional school academic requirements while meeting Pro-School eliglibility requirements, students are automatically accepted into College of Forestry's Professional School.  Pro-School represents the 3rd and 4th years of the Forestry and Forest Engineering degree programs.  An optional and highly recommended part of Pro-School is Coop-Ed.

Event Calendar


Application to the Professional Programs in Forestry and Forest Engineering

The Professional Programs in Forestry and Forest Engineering including the double degree program in Forest Engineering and Civil Engineering require admission to the junior year based on completion…

Woodland Weed Workshop 1

Weed control is often the key to success or failure in establishing trees and maintaining tree growth.  These workshops will cover principles and practices of vegetation management for…

CCSWA Log Scaling Workshop

Don't miss the chance to see Van Natta's Tree Farm Follow the signs off of Apiary Road 9 a.m.    Coffee and donuts 10…

Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium

The theme for this year’s symposium is Branching out: Communicating forest research beyond academics. This unique all-college event is an exciting opportunity to share research and ideas with…

Columbia Forest Products

Representatives from Columbia Forest Products will be on campus to conduct interviews in Career Services,  College of Forestry and College of Business majors.  Application deadline April 10th. …