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To develop, communicate, and teach the science and engineering necessary for sustainable management of forest, land, and water resources to achieve economic, environmental, and social objectives.


Our department comprises a unique group of specialists in forest management, engineering, biometrics, hydrology, forest health, and silviculture working to support decisions for sustainable forests. Our teaching and research emphasize all aspects of active forest management and restoration from regeneration through harvest for multiple land use objectives, including wood production and management for values other than wood.


NEW! The College of Forestry seeks a Department Head for the Forest Engineering, Resources and Management Department. 

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When it comes to keeping streams cool, buffer strips help but geology rules

“In Coast Range and Western Cascades catchments, where our study streams were located, streams that are small and non-fish bearing have no regulatory requirement for an overstory riparian buffer,” said Kevin Bladon, lead author and assistant professor in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. “As a result, we observed some warming of the stream water. However, if the geology is permeable — where we have a lot of groundwater inputs into the system — that warm water didn’t persist downstream.

Rethinking wildfire

“We want to move forward with adaptive management,” says professor of silviculture John Bailey. “We need to use the best scientific information that we’ve developed about how to treat forests. Then monitor these treatments and adapt them based on what we’ve learned.”

Wildlife migration routes for multiple species can link conservation reserves at lower cost

“We demonstrate that a lot of potential gain can be made at moderate increases in cost as you try to connect habitat areas,” said Claire Montgomery, a forest economist at Oregon State and one of the researchers on the project. “Looking at trade-offs between target species is something that no one has done, as far as I know, in terms of corridor design.”

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The Weird, Wired Underworld of the Wood Duck: Linking Behavioral Ecology to Population Management

John Eadie Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, UC Davis Part of the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Seminar Series Winter 2018 - FES/BOT/FW 507…

Interfor Information Session

Interfor is looking to fill multiple summer positions at our sawmill locations in Washington and Oregon:   Procurement Summer Intern …

Federal Jobs Panel & Networking Event

What are the benefits of working for the Federal Government? What kinds of career paths can you pursue? What is the best way to navigate the hiring process? …