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The Forestry degree is now administered as a Professional School with a 2-year "Pre-Professional" education followed by the 2-3 year Professional Program.
Forestry specializations are Forest Management, Forest Operations Management (comes with a Business Management minor), and Forest Restoration and Fire. Each option is comprehensive but emphasizes different aspects of the management of forested lands.  FERM also offers the only Forest Engineering degree program in the nation, as well as a dual-degree Forest Engineering - Civil Engineering (FE/CE) program!

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Students come to graduate work in FERM from a variety of backgrounds, though most have undergraduate degrees in forestry, natural resources, engineering, or a related field. Our Sustainable Forest Management program may include coursework in other departments of the University. Thesis research typically draws on the strengths of these related departments with their faculty serving on the graduate committees of our students. We offer Master of Forestry (MF), Master of Science (MS), and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), the concentration tracks for which are explained in further detail on our Graduate Degree Options page. 
Sustainable Forest Management Advising Guide (PDF).  Program Checklists can be found on our Current Students page here.


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