Crandall, Mindy

Email Address: 
Degree Sought: 
2014 PhD Graduate - Forest Resources
Major Professor: 
Claire Montgomery

M.S., 2004, Agricultural & Resource Economics, Oregon State University

Thesis title: “Employment Growth, Social Capital, and Spatial Determinants of Poverty Change”

 B.S., 1998, Forest Management, magna cum laude, Oregon State University

  1. A.A., 1994, Native American Studies, Salish Kootenai College, Flathead Reservation, Montana               
Areas of Interest: 

 As part of the ARRA Integrated Landscape Assessment Project (http://inr.oregonstate.edu/inr/node/51), I will be modeling potential mill responses to increased supply of forest products from fuel treatments in Oregon and Washington for my dissertation.

Other interests include :

Forest management decision making

The interactions of place with individuals and communities

Defining and characterizing rural areas

The effects of local economic structures & labor markets on communities and people

The effects of poverty and social safety net programs on people and places

Anything to do with the Oregon Coast & Coast Range!

Presentation Materials: 

Impacts of Welfare Reform on Rural People and Places. Mindy Crandall and Bruce Weber. Presented at the Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference, May 2009 in Vancouver, Washington.

The Importance of Spillovers and Pockets in Poverty Reduction. Mindy Crandall and Bruce Weber. Presented at the Rural Sociological Society Annual Meeting, August 2004 in Sacramento, California.

The Impacts of Labor Markets and Neighborhoods on Poverty in High Poverty Rural Census Tracts. Mindy Crandall and Bruce Weber. Presented at the American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, August 2003 in Montreal, Canada.

Work and Poverty in Oregon: Rural – Urban Divergence in the 1990’s. Mindy Crandall and Bruce Weber. Presented at the Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference, May 2002 in Portland, Oregon.

Weber, Bruce and Mindy Crandall. 2010. Impacts of welfare reform on rural people and places in the United States. In: Milbourne, Paul, Ed. International Perspectives on Rural Welfare.

 Crandall, Mindy S. and Bruce A. Weber. 2005. Poverty in the West: Changing Fortunes from 1990 – 2000. Western Economics Forum 4(1):25-34, Spring.

Crandall, M. and B. Weber. 2005. Trickling Down: Does Local Job Growth Reduce Poverty? Rural Poverty Research Center Working Paper 05-01. Rural Policy Research Institute.

Crandall, Mindy and Bruce Weber. 2005. Defining Rural Oregon: An Exploration. Rural Studies Program Paper RSP05-03. Oregon State University.

Crandall, M. and B. Weber. 2004. Local Social and Economic Conditions, Spatial Concentrations of Poverty, and Poverty Dynamics. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 86(5):1276-1281.

Miller, Kathleen, Mindy Crandall, and Bruce Weber. 2003. Persistent Poverty in America. Perspectives on Poverty, Policy, & Place: The Newsletter of the RUPRI Rural Poverty Research Center 1(1): 6-9.

Professional Activities & Awards: 

Current Member, Coalition of Graduate Employees (AFT Local 6069)

Eric Englund Post-Graduate Memorial Scholarship recipient, 2009-2010

D. Barton DeLoach Distinguished Graduate Fellowship recipient, 2003-2004

OSU Sports Lottery Scholarship recipient, 2003-2004

Eric Englund Post-Graduate Memorial Scholarship recipient, 2002-2003

Vice-President for Communications, Coalition for Graduate Employees, 2002-2003

VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) Volunteer, 1998-1999

Domestic Violence Victim Advocate and Hotline Volunteer, 1994-1995, 1998-1999

Xi Sigma Pi Western Region Scholarship recipient, 1997-1998

Dorothy M. Hoener Memorial Scholarship recipient, 1997-1998

Green Peter Hoo-Hoo Club Scholarship recipient, 1996-1997

Winslow Scholarship recipient, 1996-1997

Personal Interests: 

When I’m not hanging out with my family (partner & kids aged 15 and 6), I enjoy writing, traveling, quilting, hiking, camping, reading, listening to music, looking at trees, thinking about trees, and boring my kids to tears talking to them about trees.