Current Graduate Student Information

Graduate Student Guides

Graduate students already enrolled in the Sustainable Forest Management Graduate Program should be familiar with the basic guidelines for progress in graduate degrees set by the OSU Graduate School. 

- Oregon State University Graduate Student Success Guide, prepared by the OSU Graduate School.

- CoF Graduate Student Survival Guide.

- Sustainable Forest Management Advising Guide (PDF).


Graduate Student Forms

- For a list of graduate student forms, such as Change of Term or Major, Leave of Absence, Transfer Credit Request, etc., visit the Graduate School Forms page.

- Program of Study Forms:

PhD: Should be submitted to the Graduate School prior to scheduling the preliminary written examination, generally by the 5th term of registration.
MF/MS: Should be submitted to the Graduate School before completion of 18 credits, though no later than 15 weeks prior to the final examination.
- Dual-degree forms can be found here.
- More information on the Program of Study can be found on the Graduate School's website.

- Petition for Change in Program 

- Petition for Late Change of Registration


Graduate Advisory Committee

In consultation with their major professor, we recommend students establish a graduate advisory committee and develop a program of study during their second (MF/MS) or third term (PhD).

- How to form a Graduate Committee.
- Procedures for Formal Meetings.
- SFM Graduate Student Program Checklists:
- SFM Graduate Student Rubrics:

Completion of Program and Exit Process

- Please visit the OSU Graduate School Academic Deadlines webpage for final degree completion
        requirements.  It also important to clear up any incomplete grades or other residual issues
        from past coursework or examinations.
Submit a diploma application: Diplomas are issued four times a year, at the end of each term.  You must
        complete a diploma application form to receive your diploma.  Your diploma will reflect degree awarded;
        your transcript will reflect academic major and degree awarded.  SFM areas of concentration will not be
        visible on diploma or final transcript.  Diplomas are available from the Registrar's Office approximately
        six weeks after the end of the term.  Diplomas earned Spring term are available at Commencement.*
             Log in to MyOSU
             Click "Student Records"
             Click "Apply for Graduation"
        *Depending on date of defense Spring term, you will be able to participate in the Commencement
         ceremony, but your diploma may not be presented at the event and will instead be available for pick-up
         the following week.  Confirm these final deadlines with your SFM Graduate Coordinator if concerned
         about diploma availability at Commencement.
- Submit a program of study to the Graduate School.
        Bring to SFM Graduate Program Coordinator to attain Department Head signature.  Should you need
        to make revisions to your program after submission approval, utilize the Petition for Change in Program.
- Finalize your presentation date, time, and location with the SFM Graduate Program Coordinator as soon as
        possible.  *Those graduating Spring term should finalize this date at least two months prior to your
        planned defense date.*  
- Submit the Exam Notification Form to the Graduate School no later than two weeks prior to your
        planned presentation.
             Note: you should have your room reservation finalized with the SFM Graduate Program
             Coordinator prior to completing this online form. 
- Advertise your defense by contacting the SFM Graduate Program Coordinator for assistance.  Can 
        include creation of flyer, postings in CoF This Week and OSU Today newsletters, University event
        calendar, and/or email notification to Department on day of defense.  The defense is a public
Important thesis and dissertation information can be found on the Graduate School Thesis Guide website.
- Submit the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Submission form following the completion of your
        exam.  This requirement applies to thesis and doctoral students only; MF (non-thesis) graduates do not
        complete this process.  Students may bring the form to the SFM Graduate Program Coordinator to attain
        the Department Head's signature, and she will then submit the form to the Graduate School.  
- As soon as the defense is complete and the thesis/dissertation is filed with the Graduate School, the FERM
        Department Head will request an exit interview with the student to discuss her/his program and
        experiences in the department.  This feedback is a critical part of FERM’s commitment to continuous
        improvement in its teaching efforts.
- Return all office, lab, and/or gate keys to the appropriate location.  If unsure of where keys should be
         returned, speak with Erika Hanna in the FERM Office.