Watersheds Research Cooperative

The mission of the Watersheds Research Cooperative (WRC) is to conduct research on the effects of current and expected forest practices on intensively managed commercial forestland on water quality, fisheries and other water-related values.

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watershed, research
Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Arne Skaugset
Key People: 

Alsea Watershed Study Revisited:

  • George Ice
  • Jeff Light

Hinkle Creek Paired Watershed Study:

  • Mike Adams
  • Kermit Cromack
  • Lisa Ganio
  • Robert Gresswell
  • Judy Li
  • Arne Skaugset

Trask Paired Watershed Study:

  • Mike Adams
  • Bob Bilby
  • Jason Dunham
  • Joan Hagar
  • Sherri Johnson
  • Judy Li
  • Arne Skaugset
Research Area: