Silviculture and Forest Disturbances

Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Managed Forests

The mission of the program is to provide new information about fish and wildlife habitat within Oregon's actively managed forests through research, technology transfer, and service activities. Current priorities for new program activities favor those that contribute to the scientific information base that supports the Oregon Forest Practices Act and also Oregon's actively managed federal forest lands.

Center for Intensive Planted-Forest Silviculture (CIPS)

The mission of the Center for Intensive Planted-forest Silviculture (CIPS) is to understand the interactive effects of genetics, silviculture, protection (from insects, disease, and animal damage), competition, nutrition, and soils on the productivity, health, and sustainability of intensively-managed, planted forests.

Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative

The Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative (SNCC) was established in January 1997. The mission of the SNCC is to conduct research on enhancing Douglas-fir productivity and forest health in the presence of Swiss needle cast and other diseases in coastal forests of Oregon and Washington.

Vegetation Management Research Cooperative

The VMRC consists of private companies, public land management agencies, and scientists from Oregon State University that are working together to conduct applied forest regeneration research. Our goal is to design management systems that integrate the best available science with the practical needs of our cooperators in order to successfully establish Pacific Northwest forests.

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