Forest Biometrics, Geomatics, and Mensuration

Remote Sensing Laboratory

Remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems uses observations collected from satellites to airborne platforms to research towers to obtain information about vegetation over land and relate this data to models of the carbon, water and energy cycle regionally and globally. One aspect of this work is studying the links between vegetation structure and function, which can be obtained for instance using multi-angle optical systems, but also from airborne and terrestrial laser scanning (LiDAR) data.

Organon Growth and Yield Project

ORGANON is an individual tree growth model developed for Southwest Oregon, Northwest Oregon and the lands of the Stand Management Cooperative. It will project stand development for several species mixes, stand structures and management activities.

GIS and Spatial Analysis Resources

Currently, FE 357 GIS and Forest Engineering Applications, is offered to students who wish to learn more about GIS and other spatial tool applications in forestry.

Aerial Information Systems Laboratory

The relative ease at which missions can be planned and flown makes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) a perfect fit for forest management applications.  Our Aerial Information Systems (AIS) laboratory is investigating a wide range of lightweight sensors for UAV application on both fixed wing and helicopters to support forest management, forest engineering, forest protection, wildlife habitat, and search and rescue operations.

Potential applications for forest management include

Forest Modeling and Biometrics Lab

The Forest Measurements and Biometrics Lab (FMBL) focuses on three major areas and seeks to develop or extend: 1) imputation methods that support dynamic forest inventory, silvicultural planning, and habitat analysis; 2) sampling and statistical methods to characterize and quantify status and change of selected attributes including biomass and carbon and 3) application of LiDAR to forest measurements and assessments.

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