Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA)

Oregon State University is a collaborating institution in the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) led by Washington State University.  This five-year $37.5 million USDA NIFA funded grant is to build a supply chain for aviation biofuel with the goal of increasing efficiency in from forestry operations to conversion processes. Using primarily softwood forest harvest residues, the project aims to create a sustainable industry to produce aviation biofuels and important co-products.

Program Image: 
NARA, biofuels
Principal Investigator: 
John Sessions
Key People: 

FERM Faculty:

  • Darius Adams - Forest Residue Supply Projections
  • John Bailey - Silvilcultural Strategies
  • Jeff Hatten - Long-Term Site Productivity
  • Greg Latta - Forest Residue Supply Projections
  • Doug Maguire - Long-Term Site Productivity
  • John Sessions - Collection, Processing, and Transport Logistics
  • Rene Zamora - Collection, Processing, and Transport Logistics

FES Faculty:

  • Matt Betts - Wildlife Impacts of Forest Residue Removals
  • Keith Jayawickrama - Genetic Improvement Strategies

WSE Faculty:

  • Scott Leavengood - Outreach and Community Involvement