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Our Mission

To develop, communicate, and teach the science and engineering necessary for sustainable management of forest, land, and water resources to achieve economic, environmental, and social objectives.


Our department comprises a unique group of specialists in forest management, engineering, biometrics, hydrology, forest health, and silviculture working to support decisions for sustainable forests. Our teaching and research emphasize all aspects of active forest management and restoration from regeneration through harvest for multiple land use objectives, including wood production and management for values other than wood.



Rethinking wildfire

“We want to move forward with adaptive management,” says professor of silviculture John Bailey. “We need to use the best scientific information that we’ve developed about how to treat forests. Then monitor these treatments and adapt them based on what we’ve learned.”

Wildlife migration routes for multiple species can link conservation reserves at lower cost

“We demonstrate that a lot of potential gain can be made at moderate increases in cost as you try to connect habitat areas,” said Claire Montgomery, a forest economist at Oregon State and one of the researchers on the project. “Looking at trade-offs between target species is something that no one has done, as far as I know, in terms of corridor design.”

Oregon Forest Science Complex

As you may know, Oregon State University and the College of Forestry officially launched a $65 million initiative in January 2015 to build the Oregon Forest Science Complex (OFSC). Once completed in Spring 2018, the state-of-the-art facility will include an academic building and separate lab facility to provide current and future students with a transformative educational experience across a full range of degree programs. 

Event Calendar


New insights into old forests: Forest ecology and conservation in the area of the Northwest Forest Plan

Tom Spies Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service Part of the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Seminar Series Winter 2018 - FES/BOT/FW 507…

Willamette Valley Bird Symposium

https://willamettevalleybirds.org/ An annual, day-long symposium bringing together professionals, students, and amateurs from the Willamette Valley to celebrate birds. Highlights: Special keynote lecture…

Enemies with benefits: Integrating positive and negative interactions among terrestrial carnivores

Laura Prugh Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington Part of the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Seminar Series Winter 2018 - FES/BOT/FW 507…

Forestry Leadership Speaker Series

C. Court Stanley President, Forestry Divisions, Port Blakely All are welcome to participate in the public presentations! For more information, contact: Adrienne Wonhof,…