Recruitment & Funding Opportunities

The FERM Department provides a variety of funding opportunities for both incoming and continuing graduate students.  Each February, our Area of Concentration (AoC) Fellowship Committee selects students from all areas of concentration for nomination for Departmental and College of Forestry (CoF) Fellowships, Laurels Tuition awards, and other financial opportunities. 


Graduate Assistantships: A summary of available and archived graduate research and teaching assistantships can be found on our Graduate Job Listings website here.  Generally, these term-by-term positions are offered on a reoccuring (annual) basis.  Archived positions will show opportunities that may be available in future terms/years in an effort to help students "plan ahead" and design a fully- or partially-funded graduate program.

Fellowships: The FERM Department Head makes the final decision for a select number of departmental fellowships based on recommendations from the AoC faculty leads, while the College of Forestry Fellowship Committee decides on College Fellowship awards based on student application nominations submitted by each CoF department. 

  • Incoming graduate students wishing to be considered for funding support should indicate so on their web application.  Areas of Concentration, as well as AoC faculty, may assist the applicant in deciding on a major professor under a specific AoC within the Sustainable Forest Management graduate program.  This detailed AoC list can be found here.  Once an application has been accepted, all incoming graduate students are considered for departmental and CoF Fellowships.  Nominations will be selected by the AoC faculty leads, depending on the overall strength of applications.  GPA and GRE scores, as well as letters of recommendation, are considered during the process.  The FERM Department Head will decide how many departmental Fellowships are awarded, as well as which incoming applications are submitted to the CoF Fellowship Committee for College Fellowship awards.  Applicants may receive both a departmental fellowship and a CoF fellowship.
  • Continuing graduate students wishing to apply for College of Forestry Fellowships should do so here, using your forestry login credentials.  The AoC faculty leads will decide on the ranking of nominations based on provided application packet materials including GRE scores, current GPA, current OSU resume, as well as a nominating paragraph from the student's major professor.  Depending on the number of CoF Fellowships available, the FERM Department Head will narrow down the nomination pool to the appropriate number allowed per department (7).  For additional information, please see the College of Forestry Fellowship page.

Tuition Support: Laurels Tuition Scholarships are tuition remission resources, which may be awarded only as full or partial tuition scholarships to pay new and continuing students’ actual resident or nonresident graduate tuition charges.  These awards do not cover tuition fees.  These awards are administered by the College of Forestry Office of Graduate Programs, while selection recipients are chosen by the Department.  Funding may be awarded for one to three quarters (fall, winter, spring terms), beginning in the fall.  You can find more information about these awards on the College of Forestry Graduate Programs page.

Other Funding Opportunities: Other graduate student funding opportunities are provided throughout the year, including Fellowships and Scholarships provided by the Graduate School here. 

Review the College of Forestry Graduate Programs Funding page for a list of all funding opportunities within the College of Forestry.



Interested in Visiting Us?  

After you have communicated with an AoC faculty member as a potential major professor, ask them about recruitment travel opportunities!  A limited number of "travel grants" are available to applicants interested in attending OSU, who may have alternative offers elsewhere, and would like to learn more about the Sustainable Forest Management program, meet the faculty and Department Head, and check out Corvallis and the OSU Campus before making a final decision.  

These awards are on a first-come-first-serve basis, and will be granted at the discretion of the FERM Department Head.