Gerber, Kaitlin

Office Location: 
Richardson 142
Email Address: 
Current Position: 
Graduate Assistant
Degree Sought: 
MS in Sustainable Forest Management
Major Professor: 
Anthony S. Davis
Areas of Interest: 

Silviculture, Fire, and Forest Health

Personal Interests: 

My research interests are focused around improving containerized nursery practices and reforestation, especially in understudied systems. My thesis work is focused around Acacia koa, a tree species endemic to the state of Hawaii. I am currently researching the response of seedling root architecture and physiology to water and phosphorus limitations. I am also involved in a project based out of Kauai which seeks to quantify differences in the morphology and ecophysiology between genetic families which have been selected based on their genetic predisposition towards koa wilt disease (Fusarium oxysporum) resistance. Other research projects I am involved with include examining the interaction of fertilizer and rhizobium inoculation on the growth response of black locust (Robina pseudoacacia) seedlings. Another project manipulated the photoperiod of western larch (Larix occidentalis) to determine the morphological and physiological response, as related to cold hardening and outplanting survival. After completing a Master’s degree, I hope to achieve a career in international reforestation and rural community development.