Forestry Degree: Forest Restoration & Fire

Our Forestry Undergraduate Advising Guide is avalilable for download here.  The option-specific information for the Forest Management Option begins on page 5.

OSU Catalog Description: B.S. Forest Restoration & Fire Option

Program Objectives

The Forest Restoration & Fire option prepares students to manage and actively plan for forest disturbance processes like wildfire, insects or disease, landslides, and more. Graduates will have the knowledge and the skillset to incorporate natural processes, including disturbance, into active forest management planning, to prevent or mitigate damage resulting from disturbance or to use disturbance processes purposefully to achieve management objectives.

Students learn that disturbance processes, such as wildfire, insect or disease outbreak, landslides, and windthrow, are important considerations in any actively managed forest, regardless of the specific management objective. These skills will be particularly important for managing forests at the landscape scale and in the face of uncertainty and rapid change including in climate or land use patterns.

Graduates will be well-prepared for careers in both industrial forests and state and federal lands, meeting the growing demand for experts in risk management, insect and disease control, fire ecology and suppression, and forest rehabilitation and restoration. They will also meet industry, government and NGO needs for communicating and building collaboration among stakeholders to actively manage natural disturbance on forest landscapes across institutions and ownership boundaries.

All Forestry B.S. degree options include a requirement of six months of forestry or natural resource work experience.

To achieve program goals, the curriculum includes a traditional forestry foundation with courses in forest biology, economics, management and operations, and policy. Those who complete this program will be well prepared to continue on to graduate school in a variety of disciplines ranging from forestry to to public or business administration. Completion of this graduate degree is a common approach used to enhance career options in the private forestry sector.