Forest Soils Lab

The mission of our group is to understand the interaction of humans with forest ecosystems in the interest of sustainable management of forest, soil, and water resources.  We utilize a balanced approach of basic and applied research to examine the links between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems at multiple scales through the study of soil, water, sediment, nutrients, and carbon.  Further, we engage and educate students to manage land responsibly in the face of climate change, population growth and other pressures on natural resources. 

Example Projects:

  • Long-Term Soil Productivity
  • Novel Biofuel Production Systems
  • Sub-plot variation of soil nutrient distribution
  • Role of contemporary and historical harvesting practices on sediment and carbon
  • Source of sediment and carbon in managed and unmanaged watersheds
Program Image: 
soil, water resources, land responsibility
Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Jeff A. Hatten
Key People: 
  • Adrian Gallo
  • Francisco Guerrero-Bolaño
  • Kurt Krapfl
  • Kris Richardson
  • Max Taylor
Research Area: