Forest Modeling and Biometrics Lab

The Forest Measurements and Biometrics Lab (FMBL) focuses on three major areas and seeks to develop or extend: 1) imputation methods that support dynamic forest inventory, silvicultural planning, and habitat analysis; 2) sampling and statistical methods to characterize and quantify status and change of selected attributes including biomass and carbon and 3) application of LiDAR to forest measurements and assessments.

In addition to integrating the three themes of my research with other disciplines of forestry, this endeavor has helped the FMB program to achieve a regional and a national recognition, and identify some of the most significant challenges.

Drawn to opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, I have led a group of prominent scientists to identify the status and future needs of forest measurements and biometrics in the Pacific Northwest, culminating in a recent article in the Journal of Forestry.

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Mensuration, FMBL, Forest inventory, forest monitoring, long term project, biometrics, modeling, LiDAR, Temesgen Hailemariam
Principal Investigator: 
Temesgen Hailemariam
Key People: 
  • Temesgen Hailemariam
  • David McClung
  • Bianca Eskelson