Forest to Farm

This is one of the 2015 College of Forestry Integrated Working Forest Landscape (IWFL) projects with the goal of evaluating opportunities for biochar production to reduce forest wildfire hazard, sequester carbon, and increase productivity of dryland soils. Industrial partners include BSEI INC and Walking Point Farms.

Program Image: 
Principal Investigator: 
John Sessions
Key People: 
  • John Bailey (FERM) - Silvilcultural Strategies
  • John Campbell (FES)– Carbon System Dynamics and Accounting
  • John Sessions (FERM) - Collection, Processing, and Transport Logistics
  • David Smith (WSE) – Facility Design and Costing
  • Kristin Trippe (ARS) – Biochar Characteristics and Testing
  • Daniel Leavell (KBREC) – Forestry Outreach
  • Stephen Machado (Soil Science) – Agricultural Outreach
  • Marcus Kauffman (ODF) – Forestry Outreach
  • Jeremy Fried (PNW Station) - Silvicultural Strategies
  • Joshua Petitmermet (MS, FERM) - Harvest Operations, Silvicultural Strategies