Wimer, Jeff

Senior Instructor II
Manager of Student Logging Program

Office Location: 
Peavy 025
Email Address: 

BS, 1983, Oregon State University

Professional Affiliations

  • Oregon Logging Conference – Vice-president
  • Pacific Logging Congress – Vice President
  • Western Region Council on Forest Engineering - Chairman
  • OR-OSHA Safety Code Committee - member
  • College of Forestry Safety Committee
  • College of Forestry Logging Sports - advisor
  • Jerry Sedlack Memorial Scholarship Committee – member
  • Washington Labor and Industries Logger Safety Initiative
  • OHSU CROET OR-Face program
Areas of Interest: 

Logging unit layout and design, harvesting systems/payload analysis, logging safety, forest truck transportation.

Current Programs: 

Analysis of machinery utilized as anchoring systems for cable logging operations

Tethered assisted steep slope logging operations

Pacific Logging Congress, “In the woods show” 2018

  • FE 405 – Mechanized Harvesting and Simulations
  • FE 370/371 - Harvest Operations
  • FE 471 - Harvesting Management
Recent Publications: 

Leshchinsky, B. J. Sessions, and J. Wimer. 2015. Analytical design charts for mobile anchor systems. In press. Int. J. of For. Engr. On line April 8, 2015. DOI: 10.1080/14942119.2015.1023014.

Lyons, K., J. Sessions, and J. Wimer. 2014. The adequacy of falling object protection design criteria for feller bunchers. Forest Science 60(4):757-763. Published online October 2013 (http://dx.doi.org/10.5849/forsci.12-110).

Wing, M. G., M. Craven, J. Sessions, and J. Wimer. 2013. LiDAR-derived DEM and raw height comparisons along profile corridor gradients within a forest. Journal of Geographic Information System 5(2):109-116. Published online April 2013 (http://www.scirp.org/journal/jgis).

Lyons, K., J. Sessions, and J. Wimer. 2012. Effect of undercut style and post hinge behavior in tree felling. Forest Science 58(6):547-558, published online Feb 2, 2012; http://dx.doi.org/10.5849/forsci.11-005.

Terry R. Hammond, Gary Rischitelli, Jeff A. Wimer Defining Critical Safety Behaviors in a Point-of-view Video Observation Study of Tree Fallers at Work International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health. October/December 2011.

Sessions, J., J. Wimer, F. Costales and M. G. Wing. 2010. Engineering Considerations in Road Assessment for Biomass Operations in Steep Terrain. Western J. of Applied Forestry 25(3):144-153.

Sessions, J., J. Wimer, and K. Boston 2009. Increasing Value and Reducing Costs through Hauling Longer Logs: Opportunities and Issues. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 24(3):157-162.

Refereed Publications (Under Review)

Leshchinsky. B. J. Sessions, J. Wimer and M. Clausn. 2015. Designing Mobile Anchors to Yield: A Tension Relief System for Tail Anchoring. Under review. Croation J. of Forest Engineering.

Non-Refereed Publications

Kellogg, L., J. Sessions, and J. Wimer. 2010. Operational Considerations in Thinning. Western Forester 55(4):4-6.

Rischitelli, Gary, T. Hammond and J. Wimer. 2009. Fallers Point-of-View Video Observation Study. Pacific Northwest Agriculture Safety and Health Center, 25pp.

Industry Communications

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Wimer, J. A. 2005. Bulldozer movement kills operator standing on track http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/face/stateface/or/05or028.html


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