Strimbu, Bogdan

Assistant Professor

Office Location: 
Snell 322
Email Address: 
Curriculum Vitae: 

Ph.D., 2009, Forest Management, University of British Columbia
M.S.c, 2003, Forest Management, University of British Columbia
M.S.c, 2011, Mathematics/Statistics, Louisiana Tech University
B.S., 1992, Forest Operations, Transilvania University, Romania

Current Programs: 

Strategic forest planning, UAV, fractals, algorithms 

Graduate Students: Rong Fang (PhD), Max Boath (MF), Scott Heffernan (MS), Chu Qi (PhD), Bob Schriver (MS)
Recent Publications: 

Strimbu, B.M., Petritan, I.C., Montes, C., Biris, I.A., 2017. An assessment of the O-ring methodology using virgin stands of mixed European beech – Sessile oak. Forest Ecology and Management 384, 378-388.

Feldbacher, E., Paun, M., Reckendorfer, W., Sidoroff, M., Stanica, A., Strimbu, B., Tusa, I., Vulturescu, V., Hein, T., 2016. Twenty years of research on water management issues in the Danube Macro-region — past developments and future directions. Science of The Total Environment 572, 1297-1306.

Strimbu, V.F., Strimbu, B.M., 2015. A graph-based segmentation algorithm for tree crown extraction using airborne LiDAR data. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 104, 30-43.

Strimbu, B.M. and Burkhart H. 2015. Complex Forest Ecosystems: From Tree to Landscape. Forest Science 61(3): 409-410

Brust, M.R., Strimbu, B.M., 2015. A networked swarm model for UAV deployment in the assessment of forest environments. In, 2015 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP), pp. 1-6.

Strimbu, B.M. 2014. Comparing the efficiency of intensity based forest inventories with sampling error based forest inventories. Forestry. 87(2): 249-255

Strimbu, B.M. and Paun, M. 2012. Sensitivity of forest plan value to parameters of simulated annealing Canadian Journal of Forest Research 48(1): 28-38

Strimbu, B.M. (2012) Correction for bias of models with lognormal distributed variables in absence of original data. Annals of Forest Research 55(2): 265-279

Strimbu, B.M. and Innes, J.L. (2012) Framework for assessing the impact of human activities on the environment: the impact of forest harvesting and petroleum drilling on habitat of moose (Alces alces) and marten (Martens americana)Biodiversity and Conservation 21(4): 933-955

Strimbu, B.M. and Innes, J.L. (2011) An analytical platform for cumulative impact assessment based on multiple futures: the impact of petroleum drilling and forest harvesting on moose (Alces alces) and marten (Martes americana) habitats in northeastern British Columbia. Journal of Environmental Management 92(7): 1740-1752

Strimbu, B.M. (2011) Modeling the travel distances of debris flows and debris slides: quantifying hillside morphology. Annals of Forest Research 54-1:119-134

Strimbu, B.M. (2010)  Defining conditions for a measure describing the composition of mixed-species stands. Journal of Forests 125-6:11-16

Strimbu, B.M., Innes, J.L. and Strimbu, V.F. (2010) A deterministic harvest scheduler using perfect bin-packing theorem. European Journal of Forest Research 129-5:961-974

Long, W.D. and Strimbu, B.M. (2010) Generating 3D forests for resources inventory. Journal of Forests 125-3:32-37

Strimbu, B.M., Hickey, G.M., Strimbu, V.G. and Innes, J.L. (2009) On the use of statistical tests with non-normally distributed data in landscape change detection. Forest Science 55-1:72-83

Recent Theses

Nevine Guiname, PhD, 2015. Sensitivity of Mixed Models to Computational Algorithms of Time Series Data, Louisiana Tech University.
Dina AboZarah, MS, 2013. Sensitivity of the structure of the covariance matric to repeated measures analysis, Louisiana Tech University.