Souder, Jon

Assistant Professor, Forest Watershed Extension Specialist, Watersheds Research Cooperative (WRC) Director

Office Location: 
Snell 314
Email Address: 
Curriculum Vitae: 

1990 Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley. Wildland Resources Science with major in natural resources policy, economics and management.

1987 M.S. University of California- Berkeley. Wildland Resources Science.

1973 B.S Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vermont. Emphasis in limnology and ecology.

Areas of Interest: 

Prioritization of watershed restoration projects; riparian silviculture; salmon life cycle analysis; sediment effects from forest roads.

Current Programs: 
  •  Watersheds Research Cooperative, Director
  • Forest Watershed Extension state-wide specialist
Recent Publications: 

Souder, J. 2016. “An Overview of Watershed Science.” Lead article in an issue on Streams and Riparian Areas in Northwest Woodlands 32(1): 8 – 13.

Souder, J. 2015. “Riparian Restoration: Lessons from the Field.” Western Forester 60(5): 17, 23.

Souder, Jon A. 2013. “The human dimensions of stream restoration: Working with diverse partners to develop and implement restoration.” Pp. 114 - 143 In: Roni, P., and T. Beechie (eds.) Stream and Watershed Restoration: A Comprehensive Guide To Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. Wiley-Blackwell. xvi + 300 pp.

Giannico, Guillermo R. and Souder, Jon A. 2005. “Tide Gates in the Pacific Northwest: Operations, Types, and Environmental Effects.” Oregon Sea Grant, ORESU-T-05-001.

Giannico, Guillermo R. and Souder, Jon A. 2004. “The Effects of Tide Gates on Estuarine Habitats and Migratory Fish.” Oregon Sea Grant, ORESU-G-04-002. 9 pp.

Souder, Jon A. and Sally K. Fairfax. 2000. "In Land We Trusted." In: Geisler, Charles and Gail Daneker (eds.). Property and Values (Covelo, CA: Island Press).