Shaw, David

Associate Professor
Extension Forest Health Specialist

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Richardson 218
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Curriculum Vitae: 

PhD, 1991, Forest Protection and Silviculture, University of Washington
MS, 1982, Biology and Plant Ecology, Western Washington University
BS, 1977, Biology, Northern Arizona University

Areas of Interest: 

All aspects of forest health, including biology and management of Swiss needle cast in Douglas-fir, invasive insect and disease pests, silviculture and integrated pest management, the interactions of fire and forest pests, biology and ecology of native insect and disease organisms considered pests, and biology and ecology of mistletoes.


Forest Health Lab at OSU 2013

Faculty Research Assistants: Travis Woolly, Fire Ecology, Gabriela Ritokova, Forest Pathology, Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative, Kristen Falk, Plant Science, Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative

Post-Doctoral Scholars: Ebba Peterson, Forest Pathology, Sudden Oak Death Projects (Rick Kelsey, USFS PNW),
Kathryn Hrinkevich, Forest Entomology, Balsam Woolley Adelgid and other projects (Rob Progar, USFS PNW), based in La Grande, Oregon.

Graduate Students: Michelle Agne, MS, Forest disturbance, forest pathology and fire.  Ari DeMarco, MS, Forest entomology.  Dorian Alexanderson, MS, Silvilculture, fire, and forest health

Current Programs: 

Programs/Research Collaborations:

Forest Health Specialist, Forestry and Natural Resources Extension
In collaboration with County Forestry Extension Agents, we produce Extension and Continuing Education forest health programming and publications, including an electronic series of extension circulars’ (EC) and extension manuals (EM), a book entitled, “Managing Insect and Diseases of Oregon Conifers” (funded by Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI), and development of a volunteer program called, “Pest Scene Investigators” (also initiated with funds from OFRI).  Extension Forest Health Programs are meant to serve the needs of Oregonians, with a focus on forest landowners.

Director, Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative, (http://sncc.forestry.oregonstate.edu/)
Damage caused by Swiss needle cast, a native foliage disease (caused by the fungus Phaeocryptopus gaeumannii) that affects Douglas-fir along the coast, has made it imperative that effective monitoring and new research be conducted to learn practical methods of disease detection and management to maintain the health and productivity of Douglas-fir plantations. The Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative (SNCC) was established in January 1997. The focus of SNCC is Swiss needle cast research, monitoring, and outreach to benefit forest land owners in the Pacific Northwest.

USFS PNW Research Station

Managing Fuel Loads by Limiting Mortality Caused by Bark Beetles and Sudden Oak Death (ARRA WFM-2619-01FHC). 2010-2015. David Shaw and Rick Kelsey. PNW Research Station.

Continued funding for Modeling risk of infestation by balsam woolly adelgid (Adelges piceae).  USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station.  With USFS Rob Progar.

Continued funding for Patterns of non-structural carbon storage in western conifers. 2010-2015. David Shaw, with Rick Meinzer and David Woodruff, PNW Research Station.

Modeling risk of infestation by balsam woolly adelgid (Adelges piceae).  USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station.  With USFS Rob Progar.

Supplemental Grant to, “Spatial and ecological analysis of red fir decline in California using FIA data.”  USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station, Corvallis/Portland, OR.  Andy Gray, funding contact.  

Continued funding for Patterns of non-structural carbon storage in western conifers. 2010-2015. David Shaw, with Rick Meinzer and David Woodruff, PNW Research Station.

Patterns of non-structural carbon storage in western conifers.  2010-2015. David Shaw, with Rick Meinzer and David Woodruff, PNW Research Station.

Using advanced molecular techniques to evaluate forest soil microbial communities and monitor their responses to disturbance. 2009-2014. David Shaw, Rick Kelsey and Dan Manter. PNW Research Station.

Spatial and Ecological Analysis of Red Fir Decline in California Using FIA Plots. USDA Forest Service. PNW Research Station. 2009-2011. David Shaw (Leif Mortenson GRA).

Western Wildlands Environmental Threats Assessment Center, USFS, PNW Research Station:

Comparing aboveground biomass estimates using existing allometric equations, LIDAR, and tree based physiological models.  2012-2013. USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station, Western Wildlands Environmental Threats Assessment Center.  With Travis Woolley, Michelle Agne, and USFS Nancy Grulke and Helen Maffei.

Continuing investigation of the introduced parasites of larch casebearer (Coleophora laricella) in the Blue Mts. Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest with additional consideration of alpine larch. 2011-2013. D. Shaw and P. Oester, PNW Research Station, Western Wildlands Environmental Threats Assessment Center, Prineville, OR.

Are the introduced parasites of larch casebearer still present in the Blue Mountains, Oregon?  2010-2011. David Shaw and Paul Oester. Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center, USFS PNW Research Station.

Developing a validation approach for post fire tree mortality models. Western Wildland Environmental Threats Assessment Center, USDA, PNW Research Station.  2007-2008. David Shaw, Travis Woolley, Lisa Ganio and Steve Fitzgerald.

Evaluation of Models Used to Predict Post-Fire Tree Mortality. With Travis Woolley, Lisa Ganio, Stephen Fitzgerald. USFS, PNW Research Station, Western Wildlands Environmental Threats Assessment Center. 2007-2008.

Joint Fire Science:

Archival of post-mountain pine beetle fuels and fire behavior data of south-central Oregon.  2012-2013.  David Shaw and Travis Woolley.  Joint Fire Science Program, Boise Idaho.

Temporal dynamics of ground, surface, ladder, and crown fuels and their potential effects on fire behavior, following Dendroctonus ponderosae epidemics in the Pinus contorta zone of south-central Oregon. Joint Fire Science Program, Boise, Idaho. JVA. David Shaw, Travis Woolley, Stephen Fitzgerald, Andy Eglitis, LaWen Hollingsworth, Laurie Kurth, Don Helmbrecht, Jane Smith. 2010 Jan – Dec 2012.


USFS Forest Health Protection/Oregon Department of Forestry Collaborations

Tree mortality following severe defoliation by pine butterfly.  2012-2014. Oregon Dept. of Forestry.  With ODF Rob Flowers, USFS Lia Speigel.  

The Nature Conservancy:

Statistical Analysis of Structural and Compositional Vegetation in the Willapa Hills of Southwestern Washington. The Nature Conservancy. 2009. David Shaw and Travis Woolley.

Selected Publications: 

Mulvey, R.L., D.C. Shaw, and D.A. Maguire.  2013.  Fertilization impacts on Swiss needle cast disease severity in Douglas-fir.  Forest Ecology and Management 287: 147-158  

Jayawickrama, K.J.S., D. Shaw, and T.Z. Ye.  2012.  Genetic Selection in Coastal Douglas-fir for tolerance to Swiss Needle Cast Disease.  In: Sniezko, Richard A.; Yanchuk, Alvin D.; Kliejunas, John T.; Palmieri, Katharine M.; Alexander, Janice M.; Frankel, Susan J., tech. coords. 2012. Proceedings of the fourth international workshop on the genetics of host-parasite interactions in forestry: Disease and insect resistance in forest trees. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-240. Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. 372 p.

Woolley, T., D.C. Shaw, L.M. Ganio, and S. Fitzgerald.  2012.  A review of logistic regression models used to predict post-fire tree mortality of western North American conifers. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 21: 1-35. PDF

Chumua, D.J., P.D. Anderson, G.T. Howe, C.A. Harrington, J.E. Halofsky, D.L. Peterson, D.C. Shaw, and B. St. Clair. 2011. Forest Responses to climate change in the northwestern United States: ecophysiological foundations for adaptive management.  Forest Ecology and Management. 261: 1121-1142.

Shaw, D.C., GM. Filip, A. Kanaskie, D.A. Maguire, and W. Littke. 2011. Managing an epidemic of Swiss needle cast in the Douglas-fir region of Oregon: The Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative. Journal of Forestry. 109: 109-119. PDF

Black, B.A., D.C. Shaw, and J.K. Stone. 2010. Impacts of Swiss needle cast on overstory Douglas-fir forests of western Oregon Coast Range. Forest Ecology and Management 259: 1673-1680. PDF

Butnor, J., M. Pruyn, D.C. Shaw, M. Harmon, A. Mucciardi, and M. Ryan. 2009. Detecting Defects in Conifers with Ground Penetrating Radar: Applications and Challenges. Forest Pathology. 39:309-322. DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0329.2009.00590.x  PDF

Mathiasen, R.L., D.L. Nickrent, D.C. Shaw, and D.M. Watson. 2008. Misteltoes: pathology, systematics, ecology and management. Plant Disease 92: 988-1006. PDF

Shaw, D.C., M. Huso, and H. Bruner. 2008. Basal area growth impacts of dwarf misteltoe on western hemlock in an old-growth forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38:576-583. PDF

Shaw, D.C., K. Ernest, B. Rinker, M. Lowman. 2006. Stand level herbivory in an old-growth forest canopy. Western North American Naturalist 66:473-481.

Swanson, M.E., D.C. Shaw, and T.K. Marosi. 2006. Distribution of western hemlock dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium tsugense [Rosendahl] G.N. Jones subsp. tsugense) in mature and old-growth Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii [Mirb.] Franco) forests. Northwest Science 80:207-217.

Shaw, D.C., J. Chen, E. Freeman, and D. Braun. 2005. Spatial and population characteristics of dwarf mistletoe infected trees in an old-growth Douglas-fir/western hemlock forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 35: 990-1001.

Shaw, D.C. 2004. Vertical Organization of Canopy Biota. Chapter 4, In: M. Lowman and B. Rinker. Forest Canopies 2nd Edition. Elsevier/Academic Press.

Shaw, D.C., D.M. Watson, and R.L. Mathiasen. 2004. Comparison of dwarf mistletoes (Arceuthobium spp., Viscaceae) in western North America with mistletoes (Amyema spp., Loranthaceae) in Australia – ecological analogs and reciprocal models for ecosystem management. Australian Journal of Botany 52: 481-498.

OSU Extension Publications:

EC 1607-E, Sudden Oak Death. Author: David Shaw, new June 2007, 2 pages.

EC 1608-E, Stop the spread of Sudden Oak Death. Authors: Ellen M. Goheen, David Shaw, new June 2007, 2 pages.

EC 1615-E, Swiss Needle Cast of Douglas-fir in Oregon. Author: David Shaw, new January 2008. 4 pages.

EC 1619-E, Diseases and Insect Pests of Pacific Madrone. Authors: Max Bennett and David Shaw, new May 2008. 5 pages.

EM 9008. Common Insects and Diseases of Shore Pine on the Oregon Coast. September 2010. 14 pages. Authors: Jim Reeb and David Shaw.

EM 8980.  Managing Insects and Diseases of Oregon Conifers.  June 2009. 98 pages.  Authors:  David C. Shaw, Paul T. Oester, Greg M. Filip. ($15)

Recent Theses

Mortenson, Leif A. 2011. Spatial and ecological analysis of red fir decline in California using FIA data. MS. Oregon State University.

Norlander, Danny 2008.   Effect of Site and Silvicultural Treatment on Insect Pests and Diseases of Young Ponderosa Pine. MS. Oregon State University.