Sessions, John

University Distinguished Professor
Strachan Chair of Forest Operations Management

Office Location: 
Peavy 223
Email Address: 
Curriculum Vitae: 

Registered Professional Civil Engineer: Washington

Ph.D., Forest Management, 1979 Oregon State University
M.S., Forest Engineering, 1971 University of Washington
M.S., Civil Engineering, 1968 California State University
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1966 University of California, Los Angeles

Current Programs: 

Developing techniques for transportation planning, tactical forest planning, strategic forest planning, decision support systems for road management, strategic planning on State forests, biomass collection and transport.

Graduate Students

Francisca Belart (PhD), Michael Berry (PhD), Joshua Petitmermet (MS)


    FE/FOR 456: International Forestry (team taught)
    FE 470/570: Logging Mechanics
    FE 499: Biomass Assessment, Harvesting and Transport (team taught)
    FE 552: Forest Transportation
    FE 640-001: Combinatorial Optimization in Forest Planning
    FE 640-002: Biomass Harvesting and Transport
    FE/FOR 457/557: Techniques for Forest Resource Analysis

During Academic Year 2014-2015:

Summer and Fall Term 2014 – Projects

  •     Biomass Production and Transport Planning
  •     Logging Vehicle Performance

Winter Term 2015
    FE 470/570: Logging Mechanics
    FE 640-001: Combinatorial Optimization
    FE/FOR 457/557: Techniques for Forest Resource Analysis

Spring Term 2015  
    FE/FOR 456: International Forestry
    FE 552: Transportation Planning

Recent Publications: 

Zamora, R., J. Sessions and K. Boston. 2014.  Economic Optimization of Forest Biomass Processing and Transport. Accepted. Forest Science.

Beck, S., M. Olsen, J. Sessions, and M. Wing. 2014. Automated extraction of forest road network and geometry from aerial LiDAR. In review. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing.

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Wing, M. G., M. Craven, J. Sessions, and J. Wimer. 2013. LiDAR-derived DEM and raw height comparisons along profile corridor gradients within a forest.  (In press).  Journal of Geographic Information System.  Published online April 2013 (http://www.scirp.org/journal/jgis).

Leu, Shao-Yuan, R. Gleisner, R., J.Y. Zhu, J. Sessions, and G. Marrs. 2013.  Robust Enzymatic Saccharification of a Douglas-fir forest harvest residue by SPORL.  Biomass and Bioenergy 59(2013):393-401.    

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Zamora, R., K. Boston, J. Sessions, and G. Murphy. 2013.  Stochastic simulation and optimization of mobile chipping economics in processing and transport of forest biomass from residues.  (In press).  Silva Fennica.

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Recent Theses

Pavez, Ric. 2014.  An Optimization Model to Allocate Forestry Incentives Funds in Teak Plantations of the Southern-Coastal Region of Guatemala.  MS. Oregon State University. 189 pp.

Beck, Storm.  2014.  The Use Of LiDAR To Identify Forest Transportation Networks. MS. Oregon State University, 110 pp.

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