Poudel, Krishna

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Office Location: 
Snell 304A
Email Address: 
  • PhD, Forest Biometrics, 2015, Oregon State University
  • MS Statistics, 2015, Oregon State University
  • MS Forest Biometrics, 2011, Louisiana State University
  • BS Forestry, 2008, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Areas of Interest: 

Forest Measurements and Modeling, Biomass and Carbon Estimation, Applied Statistics

Recent Publications: 

Bao, H., Poudel, K.P., Kralicek, K., Hung, N.D, Khoa, P.V., Phương, V.T., and Temesgen, H. 2016. Allometric equations for estimating aboveground biomass in tropical dipterocarp forests of Vietnam. Forests 7(8): 180.

Bao, H., Poudel K.P., and Temesgen, H. 2016. Aboveground biomass equations for evergreen broadleaf forests in South Central Coastal ecoregion of Viet Nam: Selection of eco-regional or pantropical models. Forest Ecology and Management. 376: 276 – 283.

Poudel K.P., and Temesgen, H. 2016. Calibration of volume and biomass equations for Douglas-fir and lodgepole pine in the Pacific Northwest. The Forestry Chronicle. 92 (2): 172 – 182.

Poudel K.P., and Temesgen, H. 2016. Developing biomass equations for Western Hemlock and Red Alder trees in Western Oregon forests. Forests. 7 (4): 88.

Poudel K.P., and Temesgen, H. 2016. Methods for estimating aboveground biomass and its components for Douglas-fir and lodgepole pine trees. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 46: 77-87.

Poudel, K.P., Temesgen, H., and Gray, A. 2015. Evaluation of sampling strategies to estimate crown biomass. For. Ecosyst. 2:1. p 11.

Temesgen, H., Affleck, D., Poudel, K.P., Gray, A., and Sessions, J. 2015. A review of the challenges and opportunities in estimating above ground forest biomass using tree-level models. Scand. J. Forest Res. 30(4): 326-335.

Poudel K.P., and Cao, Q.V. 2013. Evaluation of methods to predict Weibull parameters to characterize diameter distributions. For. Sci. 59:243 – 252.