Haim, David

Research Associate (Post Doc)

Office Location: 
Peavy 117
Email Address: 
Curriculum Vitae: 

PhD, 2011, Applied Economics, Oregon State University, USA
MA, 2005, Natural Resources & Environmental Management, University of Haifa, Israel
BA, 2003, Economics, University of Haifa, Israel   

Areas of Interest: 

Forest Economics, Climate Change Economics, Land Use Economics.

Current Programs: 

Investigating afforestation integrity under carbon markets.
Analyzing the demand for wood products in the U.S.
Assessing the effects of tsunami awareness on risk premiums in residential housing market.

Selected Publications: 

Haim. D., White. E.M. And Alig., R.J. 2014. “Permanence of agriculture afforestation for carbon sequestration under stylized carbon markets in the U.S”. Forest Policy and Economics 41:pp.12-21.

Haim. D., Plantinga., A. And Thomann. E. 2014. “The Optimal time Path for Carbon Abatement and Carbon Sequestration under Uncertainty: The Case of Stochastic Targeted Stock”. Resource and Energy Economics, 36(1):pp.151-165.

Haim. D., Alig., R., Plantinga., A. And Sohngen. B. 2011. “Climate Change and Future Land Use in the United States: An Economic Approach”. Climate Change Economics, 2(1):pp.27-51.

Haim. D., Shechter. M,. And Berliner. P. 2008. "Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Representative Field Crops in Israeli Agriculture: A Case Study of Wheat and Cotton". Climatic Change, 86: pp.425-440.

Kan. I., Haim. D., Rapport rom. M., And Shechter. M. 2009. “Environmental Amenities and optimal Agricultural Land Use: the Case of Israel”. Ecological Economics, 68:pp.1893-1898.

Alpert. P., Krichak. S.O., Osetinsky. I., Dayan. M., Haim. D., And Shafir. H. 2008. "Climatic trends to extremes employing regional modeling and statistical interpretation over the E. Mediterranean". Global and Planetary Change, 63: pp.163-170.

Alig., R.J., Plantinga., A.J., Haim., D. And Todd., M. 2009. Area changes in U.S. forests and other major land uses, 1982 to 2002, with projections to 2062. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-XXX. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. XX p.

Kan. I., Haim. D., Rapport rom. M., And Shechter. M. “Environmental Amenities and Optimal Agricultural Land Use”. In Van der Heide, M. and Heijman, w. (eds), The Economic Value of Landscape. Taylor and Francis Books 2012