Fitzgerald, Stephen

Extension Silviculture Specialist
Director, College of Forestry Research Forests

Office Location: 
8692 Peavy Arboretum Rd., Corvallis, OR 97330
Email Address: 
Curriculum Vitae: 

MS, Forest Management, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, 1983
BS,  Forest Biology, State University of New York, College of Environmental
       Science & Forestry, Syracuse, New York, 1979
AAS, Holyoke Community College, Holyoke MA, 1976

Current Programs: 

I conduct educational programs to a wide variety of audiences on reforestation, thinning, maintaining healthy forests, backyard woodlands, stand density management, fire and fire management and a variety of other topics. My areas of interest and research include: uneven-aged management of ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests; fire ecology and fire management; prescribed burning; forest health and resiliency; post-fire regeneration; regeneration processes; and thinning methods.

Graduate Students: Audrey Riddell (MS), Sam Wheeler (MF), co-major professor for Alexis Gunsolus (MF Graduate, 2018)

  • FE/FOR 312 - Forestry Field School
  • FOR 454/554 – Managing in the Wildland Urban Interface (last taught 2009)
  • FOR 407 – Wildland Fire Field Trip (last taught 2010)
Recent Publications: 

Agne, M., T. Woolley, and S. Fitzgerald.  2016.  Fire severity and cumulative disturbance effects in the post-mountain pine beetle lodgepole pine forests of the Pole Creek Fire. Forest Ecology and Management 366: 73-86.

Cowan, A.D., J. E. Smith and S. A. Fitzgerald.  2016.  Recovering lost ground: Effects of soil burn intensity on nutrients and ectomycorrhiza communities of ponderosa pine seedlings.  Forest Ecology and Management 378: 160-172.

Ganio, L., T. Woolley, D. Shaw, and S. Fitzgerald. 2015. The discriminatory ability of post-fire tree mortality logistic regression models.  Forest Science 61(2): 344-353.

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Oester, P., and S.A. Fitzgerald.  2015.  Enhancing reforestation success in the Inland Northwest, PNW 520.Oregon State University Extension Service, Corvallis, OR. 20 p. Online at: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/pnw520

Fitzgerald, Stephen, Paul Oester, and Bob Parker. 2013.  Individual Tree Selection (ITS) in a Northeast Eastern Oregon Mixed Conifer Forests.  EM 9083. Oregon State University Extension Service, Corvallis, OR. 8 p.  Online at: http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1957/42986/em9083.pdf

Bennett, Max, Stephen Fitzgerald, and Marty Main.  2013. Mixed Conifer and Hardwood Forest Management in Southwest Oregon.  EM 9084.  Oregon State University Extension Service, Corvallis, OR.  12 p.  Online at: http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1957/44661/em9084.pdf

Woolley, T., D.C. Shaw, L.M. Ganio, and S.A. Fitzgerald. 2011. A review of logistic regression models used to
predict post-fire mortality of western North American conifers. International Journal of Wildland Fire,
Published online: http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/WF09039.

Fitzgerald, S.A. 2010. Chapter 2: Ecology of Quaking Aspens.  In N. Strong, T. Welch, B. Littlefield, and D. Stringer (eds.)  Land Manager’s Guide to Aspen Management in Oregon.  Chapter 2: Aspen ecology.  Extension Manual 9005. Oregon State University Extension Service, Corvallis, OR.  79 p.  Online at:

Bennett, M., S.A. Fitzgerald, B. Parker, M. Main, A. Perleberg, C. Schnepf, and R. Mahoney. 2009.  Reducing Fire Risk on Forest Property.  PNW 618. A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication, Oregon State University Extension Service, Corvallis, OR. 35 p.   Online at: http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/handle/1957/19402

Fillip, G.M., S.A. Fitzgerald, K.L. Chadwick, and T.A. Max. (2009). Thinning Ponderosa Pine Affected by Armillaria
Root Disease: 40 Years of Growth and Mortality on an Infested Site in Central Oregon. Western Journal
of Applied Forestry.

Emmingham, W., R. Fletcher, S. Fitzgerald, and M. Bennett. 2007. Comparing Tree and Stand Volume Growth Response to Low and Crown Thinning in Young Douglas-fir Stands. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 22(2): 124-133.

Filip, G.M., C.L. Schmidt, D.W. Scott, and S.A. Fitzgerald. 2007. Understanding and Defining Mortality in Western Conifer Forests. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 22(2): 105-115.

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Fitzgerald, S.A. 2005. Fire Ecology of Ponderosa Pine and the Rebuilding of Fire-Resilient Ponderosa Pine Ecosystems. In M.W. Ritchie, M.A. Maguire, and A. Youngblood (Tech. Coordinators) Proceedings of the Symposium on Ponderosa Pine: Issues, Trends, and Management. 2004 October 18-21, Klamath Falls, OR.  General Technical Report PSW-GTR-198, Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Albany CA.

Fitzgerald, S.A., D.A. Maguire, and R. Singleton. 2005. Simulating Structural Development and Fire Resistance of Second-Growth Ponderosa Pine Stands. In C.E. Peterson and D.A. Maguire (Editors) Proceedings of the Conference Balancing Ecosystem Values: Innovative Experiments for Sustainable Forestry.  General Technical Report PNW-GTR-635. Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Portland, OR.  389 p.

Recent Theses
Craigg, Terry. 2009. Silvicultural prescriptions for ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests in central Oregon. MF. Oregon State University