Dunn, Chris

Research Associate

Office Location: 
Snell 126A
Email Address: 

Ph.D. in Forest Resources, 2015, Oregon State University

M.S in Forest Resources, 2010, Oregon State University

B.S. in Forest Management, 1999, Colorado State University

Recent Publications: 

Dunn, CJ, Bailey, JD. In Review. Tree mortality and structural change following mixed-severity fire in Pseudotsuga forests 1 of Oregon's western Cascades, USA. Forest Ecology and Management. 

Comfort, E, Dunn, CJ, Bailey, JD, Franklin, JF, Johnson, KN. In Review. Disturbance History and Ecological Change in Coupled Human-Ecological System of Southwest Oregon, USA.

Dunn, CJ, Bailey, JD. 2015. Temporal Fuel Dynamics Following High-Severity Fire in Dry -MIxed Cinifer Forests of the Eastern Cascades, Oregon USA. International Journal of Wildland Fire

Dunn, CJ, Bailey, JD. 2015. Modeling the direct efforts of salvage logging on long-term temporal fuel dynamics in dry-mixed conifer forests. Forest Ecology and Management.

Dunn, CJ, Bailey, JD. 2012. Temporal dynamics and decay of coarse wood in early seral habitats of dry-mixed conifer forests in Oregon's Eastern Cascades. Forest Ecology and Management. 276: 71-81.