Boston, Kevin

Associate Professor

Office Location: 
Peavy 015
Email Address: 

Registered Professional Forester, California #2370
Professional Engineer, Oregon #74670

PhD, Forest Engineering, 1996 Oregon State University
MF, Forest Engineering, 1991 Oregon State University
BS, Forestry, 1984 Humboldt State University

Current Programs: 

Develop techniques to plan, schedule, and monitor the primary forest products supply chain; methods to improve the performance of forest roads; Use of innovative techniques including cable-assists to reduce hazards in logging operations.

Graduate Students

Carla Portugal (PhD), Rodrigo Portugal (PhD), Brian Trick (MF), Jeff Halbrook (PhD), Richard Gabriel (MS)


FE 415/515 Forest Road Engineering
FE 416/516 Forest Road System Management

Recent Publications: 
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