Boston, Kevin

Associate Professor

Office Location: 
Peavy 015
Email Address: 

Registered Professional Forester, California #2370
Professional Engineer, Oregon #74670

PhD, Forest Engineering, 1996 Oregon State University
MF, Forest Engineering, 1991 Oregon State University
BS, Forestry, 1984 Humboldt State University

Current Programs: 

Develop techniques to plan, schedule, and monitor the primary forest products supply chain.

Graduate Students

Jorge Luis Delgado-Trejo (MS), Scott Hanna (MS), Carla Portugal (PhD), Rodrigo Portugal (PhD), Brian Trick (MF)


FE 415/515 Forest Road Engineering
FE 416/516 Forest Road System Management
FE 450/550 Operations Design I
FE 451/551 Operations Design II

Recent Publications: 

Long, J. and K. Boston. 2013. An evaluation of alternative measurement techniques for estimating the volume of logging residues. (In press). Forest Science.  

Wing, B., M. Ritchie, K. Boston, M. Olsen. 2013.  Prediction of Understory Vegetation Cover with Airborne Lidar in an Interior Ponderosa Pine Forest. (in press). Remote Sensing of Environment              

Ghajar, I., A. Najafi, S. A. Torabi, M. Khamehchiyan, K. Boston.   2013.  An Adaptive Network-based fuzzy inference system for rock share estimation in forest road construction. (in press) Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering.

Ghajar, I., A. Najafi, A. M. Kaimimajd, K. Boston and S. A. Torabi. 2013.  A program for cost estimation of forest roads construction using engineer’s methods. (in press). Forest Science and Technology.

Zamora, R., J. Sessions, G. Murphy and K. Boston. 2013.  Economic impact of truck-machine interference in forest biomass recovery operations on steep terrain.  Forest Products Journal 63(56):162-173.                  

Sessions, J., K. Tuers, K. Boston, R. Zamora and R. Anderson.  2013.  Pricing Forest Biomass for Power Generation. Western J. of Applied Forestry. 28(2):51-56.

Boston, K. 2012. Impact of the Ninth Circuit Court Ruling (NEDC v. Brown) Regarding Forest Roads and the Clean Water Act. Journal of Forestry 110(6):344-346

Pattison J., K. Boston, M. Pyles. 2010. Development of a correlation model between a 20-kg Clegg hammer and Field CBR for measuring subgrade strength in forest roads in western Oregon. International Journal of Forest Engineering. 21(1):12-19

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Thompson, M.P., Sessions, J., Boston, K., Skaugset, A., and D. Tomberlin.  2010.  Forest Road Erosion Control using Multi-Objective Optimization.  Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 46(4):712-723.

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Boston, K. 2008. The role of planted forests in sustainable development with an emphasis on the situation in Colombia. Forum on Public Policy. 3:(4):277-283.
Boston, K., M. Pyles, and A. Bord. 2008 Compaction of forest roads in Northwestern Oregon – Room for improvement. International Journal of Forest Engineering. 19:24-28.
Bettinger, P., and K. Boston. 2008. Habitat and commodity production trade-offs in coastal Oregon. Socio-economic planning sciences. 42:112-128.

Hartter, J. and K. Boston. 2008. Consuming fuel and fueling consumption: Modeling human caloric demands and fuelwood use. Small Scale Forestry. 7:(1):1-15.

Hartter, J. and K. Boston. 2007. An integrated approach to modeling resource utilization for rural communities in developing countries. Journal of Environmental Management. 85:( 1):78-92.
Thompson, M., K. Boston, J. Arthur, and J. Sessions. 2007. Intelligent deployment of forest road graders. International Journal of Forest Engineering. 18:(2):15-23.
Bettinger, P., K. Boston, Y-H. Kim and J. Zhu. 2007. Landscape-level optimization using tabu search and stand density-related forest management prescriptions. European Journal of Operational Research. 176: 1265-1282.


Bettinger, P., K. Boston, J. Siry, and D. Grebner. 2009. Forest management and planning.  Academic Press. New York, USA. 331 p.

Recent Theses

Vanderberg, Michael.  2011.  The Role of Strategic Planning in the Management of Fire-prone Western Oregon Forests for Maximizing Terrestrial Carbon Stocks over a 100-year Horizon, PhD. Oregon State University.

Inman, Aaron. 2011.  Investigating Potential Subgrade Strength Recovery following Wet Winter Conditions on a Forest Road, MF. Oregon State University.

Pattison, Justin, 2009.  Influence of Season on Subgrade Strength Under an Aggregate Surfaced Forest Road: A look into seasonal strength changes and an evaluation of current road building practices, MF. Oregon State University.

Hamann, Jeff. 2008. Optimizing the Primary Forest Products Supply Chain: A Multi-Objective Heuristic Approach, PhD. Oregon State University.

Bord, Andrea J. 2006. Field and Laboratory Strength Analysis of a Forest Road in NW Oregon and its Association with the Formation of Ruts. MS. Oregon State University.