Alleau, Yvan

Senior Faculty Research Assistant I

Office Location: 
Richardson 201L
Office: 541-737-3185
Cell: 541-231-9544
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Curriculum Vitae: 

MS, 2002, Oceanography, Oregon State University

BS, 1997, Chemistry, University of Poitiers (France)
Research Positions:

January 2014-present                         Senior Faculty Research Assistant: Lab manager
  OSU, Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
                                                           (3 labs) 
                                                           Dr. J. Hatten

December 2005-June 2016                 Senior Faculty Research Assistant: Lab manager
                                                          OSU, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
                                                           (1 lab, up 12 people)
                                                           Dr. M. A. Goni

September 2003- November 2005      Faculty Research Assistant
                                                          OSU, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
                                                           Dr. C. E. Reimers

Jaunary- August 2003                        Temporary Faculty Research Assistant
                                                         OSU, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
                                                          Dr. R. Letelier and Dr. C.E. Reimers

Septemebr 1998- August 2002          Research Assistant
                                                         OSU, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
                                                          Dr. F. G. Prahl



EA : CosTech ECS 4010, Thermoquest NC-2500, Carlo Erba NA-1500, Thermo FlashEA 1112
GC : HP-5890
GC-MS : HP6890 - HP5973
EA-IRMS : Carlo Erba NA 1500 + ThermoQuest Delta plus XP
DOC/DON : Shimadzu TOC-5000A
Fluorometry : Tuner Designs lO-AU
Spectrophotometry : Cary300 uv/vis
Surface Area : Micromeritics Gemini-V, Coulter SA-3100
Lignin : CEM MDS-2000, CEM MARS-6 microwaves, extractions, standards, etc
Amperometry (H2S, pH, O2)
Microelectrode construction / calibration


Native speaker in French, Spanish and Catalan
Fluent in English

Computer (PC) : Isodat NT, EAS Clarity, MSD ChemStation, Gemini, basics of ArcView 3.x and 8.x, Grapher, Visual Studio, LabView. Computer building, networking, maintenance/troubleshooting

Certification in First Aid and CPR

Lab managing: safety, repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting, ordering, optimization, setup, people-training/managing, data processing, general organization, lab design, installation & development

Recent Publications: 

Peer reviewed papers


  1. Y. Alleau, D. Colbert, P. Covert, B. Haley, X. Qiu, R. Collier, K. Falkner, B. Hales, F. Prahl and L. Gordon, (2001). Th234 applied to particle removal rates from the surface ocean: a mathematical treatment revisited. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 28, No. 14, p. 2855-2857.


  1. Y. Alleau Characterization of organic matter quality and content in Columbia River suspended particulate matter by cupric oxide oxidation. Master's thesis (2002).


  1. Reimers, C.E., Stecher, H.A., III, Westall, J.C., Alleau, Y., Howell, K.A., Soule, L., White, H.K., and Girguis, P.R. (2007) Substrate degradation kinetics, microbial diversity, and current efficiency of microbial fuel cells supplied with marine plankton. Appl. Env. Microbiology 73, 7029-7040.
  2. Goñi M. A., Alleau, Y., Corbett, R., Walsh, J. P., Mallinson, D., Allison, M. A., Gordon, E., Petsch, S., Dellapenna, T. (2007) The effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the seabed of the Louisiana shelf. The Sedimentary Record 5, 4-9.


  1. Reimers, C.E., Alleau, Y., Bauer, J.E., Delaney, J., Girguis, P.R., Schrader, P.S., and Stecher, H.A., III. (2013) Redox effects on the microbial degradation of refractory organic matter in marine sediments. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 121, 582-598.


  1. Goñi, M.A., Moore, E., Kurtz A, Portier, E., Alleau, Y, Merrell, D. Organic matter compositions and loadings in soils and sediments along the Fly River, Papua New Guinea. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 140, 275-296.


  1. C. Verba, A.R. Thurber, Y. Alleau, D. Koley, F. Colwell, M.E. Torres. (2016) Mineral changes in cement-sandstone matrices induced by biocementation. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 49. 312-322.
  2. D. Harris, J.G. Ummadi, A.R. Thurber, Y. Alleau, C. Verba, F. Colwell, M.E. Torres, D. Koley. (2016) Real-time monitoring of calcification process by Sporosarcina pasteurii biofilm. The Analyst.
  3. Harris, D., Ummadi, G., Colwell, F., Verba, C., Thurber, A., Alleau, Y., Koley, D., Peszynska, M., and M. Torres. "Real time chemical mapping of S pasteurii biofilm calcification process using scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM). Royal Society of Chemistry (2016).