Adams, Darius

Emeritus Professor

Office Location: 
Snell Hall 311 (mail address: Peavy Hall 007)
Cell: 541-207-7614
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Curriculum Vitae: 

PhD, 1972, Wildland Resource Science, UC-Berkeley
MS, 1968, Forest Science, Yale University
BS, 1966, Forest Management, Humboldt State University

Areas of Interest: 

Forest economics, modeling and analysis of forest products markets, econometrics, forest policy.

Current Programs: 

Forest sector modeling; estimating the impacts of carbon sequestration strategies through tree planting; price-based substitution of wood and non-wood products Forest Sector Market Modeling

Estimates of US Timber Harvest by Region and Owner, 1950-2002.

Adams, Darius M.; Haynes, Richard W.; Daigneault, Adam J. 2006. Estimated timber harvest by U.S. region and ownership, 1950-2002. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-659. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 64 p.

This publication provides estimates of total softwood and hardwood harvests by region and owner for the United States from 1950 to 2002. These data are generally not available in a consistent fashion and have to be estimated from state-level data, forest resource inventory statistics, and production of forest products. This publication describes the estimation process and documents the various assumptions. These estimates have been used for the past three decades in the periodic USDA Forest Service timber assessments. PDF available at http://www.fs.fed.us/pnw/pubs/pnw_gtr659.pdf

  • FOR 550, Sustainable Forest Management
Recent Publications: 

Crandall MS, DM Adams, CA Montgomery, D Smith. The Potential Rural Development Impacts of Utilizing Non-Merchantable Forest Biomass. Forest Policy and Economics (forthcoming).

Latta GS, DM Adams, KP Bell, JD Kline. 2016. Evaluating land-use and private forest management responses to a potential forest carbon offset sales program in western Oregon (USA). Forest Policy and Economics 65:1–8.

Haim D, DM Adams, EM White. 2014. Determinants of demand for wood products markets in the U.S. construction sector: an econometric analysis of a system of demand equations. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 44(10):1217-1226.  

White EM, G Latta, RJ Alig, KE Skog, DM Adams. 2013. Biomass Production from the U.S. Forest and Agriculture Sectors in Support of a Renewable Electricity Standard.  Energy Policy 58(2013): 64-74.

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