Center for Intensive Planted-Forest Silviculture (CIPS)

The mission of the Center for Intensive Planted-forest Silviculture (CIPS) is to understand the interactive effects of genetics, silviculture, protection (from insects, disease, and animal damage), competition, nutrition, and soils on the productivity, health, and sustainability of intensively-managed, planted forests.

Program Image: 
Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Doug Maguire
Key People: 
  • Mark Gourley - Starker Forests
  • Randall Greggs - Green Diamond Resource Company
  • Steve Wickham - Plum Creek Timber
  • Greg Johnson - Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Chandace Cahill - Rayonier
  • Scott Ketchum - Forest Capital Partners
  • Mark Kincaid - Lone Rock Timber
  • Chris Lipton - Longview Fibre/Brookfield
  • Jeff Madsen - Port Blakely Tree Farms
  • Bill Marshall - Cascade Timber
  • George McFadden - USDI-Bureau of Land Management
  • Scott McLeod - Washington Department of Natural Resources
  • Ted Reiss - Seneca Jones Timber
  • Doug Robin - Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Dave Rumker - Campbell Group
  • Dean Stuck - Hancock Timber Resources Group
  • Dave Walters - Roseburg Forest Products