International Connections

Faculty and students in FERM are extensively involved in international forestry activities. The Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) offered through the University provide useful vehicles for students who wish to emphasize international relations in their studies. The College of Forestry is an active member of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) and many faculty in FERM are leaders in IUFRO working groups and sections. A brief review of faculty web pages will illustrate the extent of international experience, with faculty activities from Europe to Southeast Asia, from southern Africa to Mongolia. Forest engineering faculty and students are also active in Engineers Without Borders and the International Forest Engineering Institute. Students with international interests can become involved in the OSU chapter of the International Forestry Students Association. More information on international activities at the College-wide level can be found at the COF International Programs site (http://www.cof.orst.edu/cof/international/).