Graduate Degrees

Students come to do graduate work in the Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management (FERM) from a variety of backgrounds, though most have undergraduate degrees in forestry, natural resources, engineering, or a related field.  Our Sustainable Forest Management graduate program may include coursework in other departments of the University.  Thesis research typically draws on the strengths of these related departments with their faculty serving on the graduate committees of our students.

Sustainable Forest Management Advising Guide (PDF)

Master of Forestry (MF)
The Master of Forestry (MF) in Sustainable Forest Management is intended for students who wish to pursue professional career pathways in forestry and related fields. The MF degree provides pathways for students with or without previous forestry-related education or experience to develop the skills and knowledge needed to begin careers as forestry professionals and for current forestry professionals to continue their career development and growth. Students choose one of three focused programs of study or a general MF from one of the six areas of concentration, representing different disciplines involved in the sustainable management of forest ecosystems to achieve multiple social, economic, and environmental objectives. The MF degree program can be completed in as few as four terms of study.  
Master of Science (MS)
The Master of Science in Sustainable Forest Management is appropriate for students who want two or more years of formal graduate work and who wish to develop a limited research specialization. Designed primarily for pursuing careers in research or teaching or those seeking professional development through in-depth research on a topic of interest, the MS program can be either a terminal degree or the first step toward a doctorate. The program provides an opportunity for independent research to be reported in a formal Master’s Thesis. MS students choose from one of the six SFM areas of concentration.
Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
The Doctorate of Philosophy in Sustainable Forest Management is intended for persons seeking careers in teaching and/or research. The program emphasizes strong research specialization while maintaining an understanding and appreciation of broader management and resource use issues. The dissertation and associated research play a dual role by enabling the student to develop in-depth knowledge of specific technical areas, while at the same time gaining experience in conceptualizing, planning, conducting, and reporting a major research project. PhD students choose from one of the six SFM areas of concentration.
For a complete list of available areas of concentration (MF, MS, and PhD), program foci (MF), and faculty expertise, go to our Graduate Degree Options page.